Light Up Capon Bridge: Tiny Town, Big Christmas

A Sparkling Start to the Holidays

As the leaves give way to the first snowflakes, Capon Bridge is set to shimmer with the “Season of Sparkle,” igniting the festive spirit in all of us. The Light Up Capon Bridge initiative is back, promising a winter wonderland adorned with twinkling lights and joyous decorations.

Big Forest’s New Twinkling Attractions

This year, the Big Forest is brighter than ever with two new attractions. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Healing Waters Biker Church for their beautiful nativity set that narrates the Christmas story under the stars. A sleigh, crafted by Brian Kerns of K&C Constructions and painted by Melody Hawkins, now sits proudly, ready for photo ops and to bring smiles to all who visit.

Live Trees Light Up the Town

A verdant glow comes to Capon Bridge, courtesy of Muse Landscaping, LLC, which donated eight live trees. These trees are transformed into beacons of holiday spirit with the twinkle of lights donated by Melissa Kidwell from Just Pawn It LLC. As these trees are placed throughout the town, they symbolize the unity and warmth of our community.

Students Bring Magic to the Kids Christmas Tree Forest

The Kids Christmas Tree Forest is set to be a canvas for our local students’ imagination. This project turns into a group effort as our young ones decorate their dedicated trees with ornaments, garlands, and lights. It’s a place where the magic of Christmas is painted in every corner by the very hands of our future.

Festive Banners and Community Efforts

Thanks to the generosity of Karen Piontkowski, Katie, and Andy Rogers from Direct Answer, holiday banners will soon wave along our streets, each one a testament to the caring and sharing that Capon Bridge embodies.

From Paint Parties to Holiday Garments

We also extend our appreciation to the 91 community members who brought their brushes and bright colors to our paint party. Their artwork now represents the town’s collective cheer. And let’s not forget the American Legion’s support, which has been our steadfast foundation through this season’s preparations.  Hot off the press – grab your exclusive Light Up Capon Bridge T-shirt for just a $20 donation! Available in sizes S to 3X.

A Glimpse Into New Year’s Celebrations

Crane’s Welding, LLC has crafted a special surprise for our New Year’s Eve celebration—an actual “Bridge” drop at midnight, followed by a sky-illuminating display from Mountain Man Fireworks. Prepare your retro outfits and dance moves for our 80’s themed party that promises to be a night of nostalgia and fun.

Grateful for Every Helping Hand

Every string of lights, every ornament hung, and every banner raised is a story of a volunteer’s time and dedication. From the food drives to the planning of holiday events, it’s the people behind the scenes who make the magic happen.

Join the Festivities

As the town gets ready to light up, we invite each of you to be part of the joy. Whether it’s by donating to the cause, volunteering your time, or simply participating in the festivities, your presence is what lights up Capon Bridge.

Stay tuned for more updates and get involved in the most wonderful time of the year. After all, it’s the shared moments and community bonds that make our town not just a place on the map, but a home for the holidays.

Let’s Light Up the Town!

In the spirit of the season, let’s come together to light up the town of Capon Bridge. This Christmas, let our little town be a beacon of the joy, community, and love that the holiday season stands for.

Join us, and let’s make this season bright!